• Johannes Fankhauser

    “How high soe’er thy fiery spirit hovers, Its simile and type it straight discovers.” – Goethe

    Hi, my name is Johannes Fankhauser and I'm studying physics and philosophy. Now I'm doing my MSt in Philosophy of Physics at Oxford University. I love working with passionate people and on ideas that involve creative thinking in physics, mathematics, computer science and philosophy. I like cool innovative technology and inventions. My current interests include foundations and philosophy of quantum mechanics and spacetime, and philosophy of mind.


    Oxford University, Magdalen College

    MSt in Philosphy of Physics

    2016 – Present

    ETH, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich

    MSc in Physics, Teaching Assistent 

    2012 – Present

  • If you don't know what Philosophy of Physics is about, check this out.

    A summary of some interesting foundational questions can be found here.

    If you're interested in my career, download my CV.




    Magdalen College, Oxford OX1 4AU