• Papers

    Epistemic Boundaries and Quantum Indeterminacy: What Local Observers Can (Not) Predict (2023)

    (in preparation)

    Quantum Predictive Advantage and Pilot Wave Theory (2023)

    (in preparation)

    How (not) to understand weak measurements of velocity (2020)

    Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 85 (2021) 16–29, arXiv: 2309.10395

    Taming the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser (2019)

    Quanta 2019; 8: 44-56, arXiv: 1707.07884

    Gravitational redshift revisited: inertia, geometry, and charge (2018)

    arXiv: 2309.10499, old version: http://philsci-archive.pitt.edu/15094/

    Is the World Just Wave Function? Determinism and the metaphysics of hidden variables in quantum mechanics. (2018)

    Master's thesis, ETH Zurich, Advisor: Renato Renner.

    Observability and Predictability in Quantum and Post-Quantum Physics (2022)

    PhD thesis, University of Oxford, Advisors: Christopher G. Timpson, Owen J. E. Maroney.

    available on the Oxford University Research Archive: https://ora.ox.ac.uk/

    Areas of Interest

    My research interests include Foundations and Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics​, Foundations and Philosophy of Space and Time, Quantum Information Theory and Computing.